Staying Organized: Personalized Journals!

            Every semester begins with a resolution to stay organized. New Stickies, three ring binders, agendas, and notebooks fill up your backpack quick. After the first week, you find a place for each syllabus, write a few due dates in your planner, and have a couple notes for your binder.

            Then comes the first wave of midterms. Your binders are filling up with graded assignments, your notes have been shuffled for last minute studying, and your margin sketches have a coat of coffee stains. But hey! It is not grade school, you aren’t evaluated by your binder organization any more. At least you made it to all your exams.

            You spend the week after recovering, then the grades start to come back, now regret neglecting your agenda because you forgot to keep up with the readings. Alright, just need some level of control here. Organization resolution number two. No new notebooks, just empty the contents of your binder into a folder/recycle bin. Hope the professor doesn’t ask you to cite that first day of class article. The dog ate that one.

            So here we are, finals week. Finals in every class and a heartless professor that also expects a portfolio by Saturday. If scraping together notes for a cumulative final is not enough, now you are frantically digging through those stuffed folders searching for portfolio material. Anything will do.  11:59 PM, submit the last project. Sigh. You overfill a binder and a few folders. Good enough.

            This semester make your organization system work for you! Customize and combine all your new binders, notebooks, and planners. Add artwork to inspire and insert your google calendar to stay ahead. Stop by Alpha Print after syllabus week and stay organized through finals week!

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